MemberGate has partnered with to provide the hosting services for your MemberGate site. is the leader in ColdFusion hosting; which is the powerful language used behind the scenes to run MemberGate software.

In working closely with MemberGate, our goal together is to provide you with a streamlined sign up process for your site's needs. To get started, just answer the few short questions we have to get your account setup.

This special offer is for the ColdFusion VPS products which meets the requirement for hosting your MemberGate site.

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Single server
Windows ColdFusion Silver VPS - $189.95/month (Most Popular)
Windows ColdFusion Business VPS - $279.95/month (Excellent Performance)

PCI/Scalable Option - 2 Servers (1 Web Server + 1 DB Server)
Windows ColdFusion Silver VPS w/MSSQL Server - $231.94/month
Windows ColdFusion Business VPS w/MSSQL Server - $379.98/month