Network Maintenance (تنبيهات مقرره)
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  • To better serve you, we are moving our primary firewall to a location. This move involves making temporary connections to our backup network, you will likely receive outages during this time. While we try very hard to maintain strict up-time policies we believe this change will result in better connectivity and absolutely necessary. We apologize for any inconvenience for the outage planed during this time. Thank you. Support

  • ابتداء من - 04/03/2009 02:00 - 04/03/2009 06:00
  • آخر تحديث - 04/03/2009 06:01

حالة سيرفرك

الجدول التالي يوضح حالة السيرفر/السيرفرات الذي ينتمي له موقعك/مواقعك هذه اللحظة

الخادم HTTP FTP POP3 PHP الضغط التواجد
cp-cfml1 PHP
cp-cfml2 PHP
cp-cfml3 PHP
cp1 PHP
cp10 PHP
cp11 PHP
cp12 PHP
cp13 PHP
cp14 PHP
cp15 PHP
cp16 PHP
cp17a PHP
cp18 PHP
cp19 PHP
cp20 PHP
cp21 PHP
cp22 PHP
cp23 PHP
cp24 PHP
cp25 PHP
cp26 PHP
cp27 PHP
cp28 PHP
cp29 PHP
cp3 PHP
cp8 PHP
cp9 PHP
cpcf4 PHP
cpcf5 PHP
cpe1 PHP
cpr1 PHP
cpr2 PHP
cpr3 PHP
cpr4 PHP
cpr5 PHP
cpr6 PHP
cpr7 PHP
htweb12 PHP
plesk1 PHP
wp1 PHP